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Organic castor oil tutorial

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Biio Nature castor oil and its use. 

Organic castor oil has many properties:

Softening and repairing

Effective against brown spots

Slows the growth of microbes



- It is ideally used :

In mixture with other vegetable oils and possibly essential oils to formulate care or massage oils.

In association with butters and possibly waxes for the formulation of lip or body balms.

As a fatty phase in the composition of creams and milks for hands, body and face.

In association with other vegetable oils in the preparation of cold saponification soaps.


- In hair care, it is useful to strengthen hair growth.

It is an indispensable ingredient in your hair care preparations, especially for dry, damaged and dull hair.


- It is useful to promote the growth of lashes and nails.

A small recipe that will be very useful against hair loss with the use of the essential castor oil: (C. CLERGEAUD)

HV Argan: 50 ml

HV Ricin: 150 ml

HE Ylang-Ylang: 30 drops

EO Cedar: 30 drops

Depending on the length of your hair, this mixture will give you 4 to 8 applications.

Tip: Mix the ingredients together. Wet the hair. Apply the care oil to the hair and scalp, massaging it in. Wrap the hair with a warm damp towel and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing.


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